About US

North End Real Estate Investment (NEREI) together with London Development Team offer an impressive solid capability and track record to manage and maximize the value of investment opportunities, specifically with regard to property investment and development in London and the wider area.

We specialise in sourcing development land, planning consents, development management, delivery of mixed-use property developments and providing affordable housing solutions.

We are skilled in the sourcing, financial appraisal and delivery of residential property developments. We have excellent experience in bringing high quality luxury projects to the market, along side large scale regeneration projects, and maintain an established overseas network for sales and investment.

Every project, whether it is for the purpose of long term investment or short term capitalization, has its own unique objectives and goals. NEREI goal is to align their core principles with key investors.

The team we have put to together creates a diverse group of skilled members fully equipped to provide a bespoke turnkey services for investors. Our approach is centered on working in partnership with all key stakeholders, Housing Associations, Local communities, Local Authority Housing and planning departments, Architects and Contractors to establish the perfect delivery vehicle for any project.

Our core principles can be established as:

  • Optimization, for maximum asset value and investment return. 
  • Correct partnering of stakeholders and investors.
  • Aligned interests and rewards.